Monday, November 10, 2014

10th Anniversary

A marriage is like rock n roll music. Some parts have plucking some parts have solo guitars and some parts are heavy riffing. The last 10 years was good day which I never give up. Enjoying my marriage as I enjoy rock n roll very much.  Happy our 10th Anniversary and lets rock together till death do us part

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Flight of Icarus

The picture of MH370 lost now is bigger than building the skyscrapers. To map our country’s name on the globe is even easier now. Well, at least we don’t have to say that we are neighbor to Singapore or Thailand when we travel to Europe. By mentioning the code of the missing flight, people will strictly able to demarcate where our country is. MH370 had flying nowhere and no one knows. 
Only the device of God could reveal the ploy of the plot. Since it has been 32 days it disappeared, the battle of theories and hypothesis had becomes viral of our screen almost every day. Not just the keyboard warriors, even a lorry driver now at least can come out their own storyboard showing their expertise in aviation.   Some said it related to Crimea while other said it related to Dron technology, Freescale itself and at least there are opinions that it was a ploy of vengeance to topple the bridge of understanding between Malaysia and China. 
Every storyboard has their own strength but most of all agreed it may link to US, Israel and agents who has big role in check mating the globe. Malaysia is a sovereign country.  While others talk about our action flying blind, well at least let us fly on our own way

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The end of my long holiday

Syukur …for the past one and half years I battled with my own ability. Challenge my thinking process is something irresistible and Alhamdullilah I finished my post graduate finally. I would say that the one and half years were one of the best moments in my life and I wouldn’t trade my experience to anything with that. For the first 6 month I had to play mixed and match game with everything. Due to every item is new, I had to blend with the situation. The subjects, the venue and the lecturers are all brand new things and I simplify that they are some of the quality peoples I met. Azlan, the most genius, Fariz the most entrepreneurs and Ayob, the coolest guy in town. All of them are pasteurizing my student life and giving a new chapter how to survive as a student. I was so regret not meeting this people before especially the way they handle the financial management and how they practice their knowledge with their life is noble.
On the normal basis day without class what I was doing the whole day? After sending Shanaz to Sofea’s house, I jog or else ride my bicycle to Precinct 7 , Putrajaya. It has been a practice to me to have a  cup of Nescafe Dolce Gusto and home-made sandwich and that must be before 7.30 am. My breakfast habit dragged me until today. I continue my day with doing my assignment or homework normally at 9.00am in the morning until 11.20 am and watching Desperate Housewives is a must.  Lunch time will be always between me and my kitchen. I cook for myself. Watching Masterchef at night has taught me spiritually to organize my kitchen and my food presentation are well credited by Zareene. My last 6 month of HLP leave, mostly I spend my time at Nouva Dimension, a friend‘s office and Nasi Kandar Adduha.  I love that place as it is a meeting point of my neighbors. Am, Man Kembang, Zaidi , Apai and Abg Zainal “ the millionaire”  at 10pm every night  and sometime I had to switch my table to Nouva bro’s like  Alone, Dr. Shah  and Arul  together with Immigration officers , Jep and Tiger while evening session with Shukor and Sofyan. Both are estate agents from Kingsley.  
Since time value of money is the key word in real estate, I must share that it may relate to barakah. Due to my limited allowance granted by the government, I spend wisely but with the amount of money I still can maximize the value. With such allowance, I was able to spend quality time with family to Phuket, Krabi and Universal Studios. Part of that for myself, I could attend Metallica’s concert which giving my value added in my rock n roll portfolio which I believe that the most thing I enjoyed with. In physical forms, I purchased sub-sale apartment for my kids and doing some fencing renovation for my current with some electrical appliances. God loves me so much while I am still not doing anything to express my love to God.  

What most I appreciate during my studies is the good value in life not just understanding valuation in the property market. I start to be a positive thinking person, explore my thinking process in better way, calm down and appreciate others. I start to admit my past mistakes and willing to change. For those I cursed and been badmouth before, a highly apology from me.
# Pray for MH370

Thursday, February 6, 2014

kami histeria

someone has posted a rock n roll tree to my timeline and it 's kinda interesting . here it is...and guess what .. it's from jack black's school of rock . 
just now ( mean today) .. we just have had watch our another rock n roll movie ..kami histeria  n it's awesome. the storyline about of five college mates  who set up a rock band called Histeria. They recently moved to live in a flat which is situated on the edge of the forest for their ease of jamming together.  Since living in the flats, they are often plagued by the voice of vampire in the middle of the night. Nevertheless, they attempt to continue the band's latest song by inserting the vampire's voice in their song as backup singer. After the song was loaded up into YouTube pages, suddenly changed their lives forever but the most important part the music.. damn good.. To continue hitting their next song they sold their soul to the devil . next .. 

*** 1/2 * .. its a light entertainment .. reminds me my gig and moshing time... the worsty part.. yasmine  jadi penakut 

Monday, December 30, 2013

viva voce - goodbye 2013

Dedicated to my parents, who raised me up
To the latex of rubber trees, which have been sources of sustenance for my family

Syukur Alhamdullilah

Countless appreciation to my beloved parents, Tuan Hj. Ali and Hajah Che Puteh and to all my beloved family members who had supporting me throughout my life. My special appreciation to Zareene for her love and understanding .To my little angels, Yasmine and Shahnaz,   both of you are oxygen to me.  My special thanks to my thesis supervisor, Assoc. Professor Dr. Sr. Anuar Alias who had given me the opportunity to pursue this topic for my dissertation.I must also thanks Dr. Hasniyati for giving me guidance and good advice for this dissertation. Her constant support, motivation and valuable guidance were very important and I must thank her for all her time on checking every word in my dissertation. 

To all of my lecturers especially Dr. Sr. Rosli Said, classmates and Puan Azuwa  at the Department of Estate Management, Faculty of Built Environment at the University of Malaya for all the valuable experiences and knowledge I had gained during my study for this Master of Real Estate programme at the university. 

A million thanks for Nasran Nazli from Felda Prodata for making this possible. He helps me a lot in this dissertation and I really appreciate our 16 years of friendship. Thank you to all my friends especially Todd Smirnoff, Alone and everyone in Kulim and Equine Park for their joy and laughter and not to forget to anyone who had been involved directly and indirectly in the production of this dissertation.
                This thesis is a dedicated to my homeland, Felda Lubuk Merbau.